Journal of Engineering Mathematics

, Volume 58, Issue 1–4, pp 317–337

Penetration of flexural waves through a periodically constrained thin elastic plate in vacuo and floating on water

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The subject of this paper, the scattering of flexural waves by constrained elastic plates floating on water is relatively new and not an area that Professor Newman has worked in, as far as the authors are aware. However, in two respects there are connections to his own work. The first is the reference to his work with H. Maniar on the exciting forces on the elements of a long line of fixed vertical bottom-mounted cylinders in waves. In their paper (J Fluid Mech 339 (1997) 309–329) they pointed out the remarkable connection between the large forces on cylinders near the centre of the array at frequencies close to certain trapped-mode frequencies, which had been discovered earlier, and showed that there was another type of previously unknown trapped mode, which gave rise to large forces. In Sect. 6 of this paper the ideas described by Maniar and Newman are returned to and it is shown how the phenomenon of large forces is related to trapped, or standing Rayleigh–Bloch waves, in the present context of elastic waves. But there is a more general way in which the paper relates to Professor Newman and that is in the flavour and style of the mathematics that are employed. Thus extensive use has been made of classical mathematical methods including integral-transform techniques, complex-function theory and the use of special functions in a manner which reflects that used by Professor Newman in many of his important papers on ship hydrodynamics and related fields.


Flexural waves Kirchhoff plate theory Periodic arrays Trapping 


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