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The incremental response of soils. An investigation using a discrete-element model



The incremental stress-strain relation of dense packings of polygons is investigated by using molecular-dynamics simulations. The comparison of the simulation results to the continuous theories is performed using explicit expressions for the averaged stress and strain over a representative volume element. The discussion of the incremental response raises two important questions of soil deformation: Is the incrementally nonlinear theory appropriate to describe the soil mechanical response? Does a purely elastic regime exist in the deformation of granular materials? In both cases the answer will be “no”. The question of stability is also discussed in terms of the Hill condition of stability for non-associated materials. It is contended that the incremental response of soils should be revisited from micromechanical considerations. A micromechanical approach assisted by discrete element simulations is briefly outlined.


elastoplasticity granular materials hypoplasticity incremental response 


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