Landfill site selection via integrating multi-criteria decision techniques with geographic information systems: a case study in Naqadeh, Iran

  • Hassan Khorsandi
  • Abdollah Faramarzi
  • Ali Ahmad Aghapour
  • Seyed Javad JafariEmail author


Sanitary landfill is still the most significant and reasonable and the least expensive waste disposal method. The process of selecting a landfill site with minimal adverse effects on the environment is a complex task, in which numerous criteria need to be taken into account. In the present research, the AHP (analytical hierarchy process) and TOPSIS (technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution) models were used to weigh the layers and prioritize the identified regions, respectively. In the present study, the following criteria were considered: (1) environmental criteria consisting of groundwater depth and distance from rivers, streams, and wetland/dam/lake; (2) physical criteria consisting of geology, slope percentage, distance from faults, heights, soil depth, and aspect; (3) social–economic criteria including the subcriteria land uses and distance from urban centers and villages; and finally, (4) access factors with the subcriteria distance from roads and power lines. After the preparation phase, the maps corresponding to each subscale were weighed in GIS by means of AHP. To weigh the layers and evaluate the inconsistency rate of pairwise comparisons, the Expert Choice software, in which the AHP model can be run, was used. On the output map, 11 highly suitable areas for landfill were identified via the integration of layers and the identified options and were ranked using the TOPSIS technique and five secondary criteria based on experts’ views. Ultimately, area no. 12 was selected as the proposed site for the landfill in Naqadeh County. The results indicated that the combination of multicriteria decision-making models including AHP and TOPSIS can be properly utilized for the purpose of locating.


AHP GIS Landfill TOPSIS Waste management 


Funding information

We appreciate Urmia University of Medical Science for providing financial and instrumental support to conduct this work.


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  • Hassan Khorsandi
    • 1
  • Abdollah Faramarzi
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  • Ali Ahmad Aghapour
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  • Seyed Javad Jafari
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  1. 1.Department of Environmental Health Engineering, School of Public HealthUrmia University of Medical SciencesUrmiaIran

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