Early Childhood Education Journal

, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp 247–251

Image of the Singapore Child



The purpose of this study was to analyse the contents of one of the leading newspapers of Singapore in an effort to identify the public image of the children of the nation. Newspaper clippings of news/articles, pictures/photographs and advertisements featuring children below 15 years of age were collected over a one-week period and the content analysed in an attempt to find out the extent to which children in Singapore are visible and how they are portrayed in the media. While it is impossible to generalise the findings due to the small scale of this research, the findings show that the visibility of children in the media is low compared to their total presence in the population. Another interesting finding is that while the children in this study were portrayed as passive, vulnerable or a potential victim, the rights of the child were rarely mentioned.


Image of child Singapore 

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