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Arctic Sea Fishes of Canada?

Reviewing: Marine Fishes of Arctic Canada by Brian W. Coad and James D. Reist(editors and authors)
  • Jørgen S. ChristiansenEmail author
Book Review

It is a daunting task to write a book review. In a few brief paragraphs, you judge the work of respected colleagues who have devoted years to painstaking data collection and analyses. A book review may be the place (but not the time) to bond with old friends with sycophantic praise or make new foes by unfair and poisonous envy! I hope to avoid both pitfalls.

The book is edited by Brian W. Coad and James D. Reist (C&R) with contributions by C&R and other specialists. It consists of introductory chapters (70 pages) followed by accounts for about 220 species and their families (>500 pages). Both editors are prominent and prolific ichthyologists and given their expertise, expectations are rightfully high.

Few authoritative fish books cover the Arctic Seas: Russia (Andriyashev 1954), Alaska (Mecklenburg et al. 2002), Greenland (Nielsen and Bertelsen 1992), Iceland (Sæmundsson 1949) and Arctic Norway (Pethon 2005). Moreover, numerous reports are available from national research institutes...


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