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A new species of the genus Triplophysa (Nemacheilinae: Balitoridae), Triplophysa jianchuanensis sp. nov, from Yunnan, China

  • Lan-Ping Zheng
  • Li-Na Du
  • Xiao-Yong ChenEmail author
  • Jun-Xing YangEmail author


A new loach species, named Triplophysa jianchuanensis, has been recognized in collections from Jianchuan in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan, China. Triplophysa jianchuanensis can be distinguished from the other Triplophysa species by the following combination of characteristics: smooth skin, scaleless; lateral line complete; head long (26.7–29.8% of SL); eyes large (25.9–31.0% of dorsal head length); snout shorter than postorbital length (26.9–30.1% of HL); middle of lower lip interrupted and forming a pair of furrows; lower jaw spoon-like with obtuse edge; posterior chamber of air bladder completely degenerated; intestines short, bending in zigzag-shape behind stomach; pelvic-fin tip not reaching anus; caudal fin emarginate; branched rays of dorsal fin 7; branched rays of caudal fin 16. A key to the known species of Triplophysa from the Lancangjiang River is provided.


Balitoridae Triplophysa New species Yunnan China 



This work was supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (2007CB411600), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (30730017) and the Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (KSCX2-YW-Z-0922). We are very grateful to the anonymous reviewers for their useful suggestions. We thank GH Cui, SS Shu, J Yang, B Yang and C Yuan for collecting the specimens and Y Li for identifying the food in the fish stomach. We express our particular thanks to E Zhang, JL Yao and YF Huang in the Institute of Hydrobiology for examining the specimens of T. bleekeri.


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  1. 1.State key laboratory of genetic resources and evolution, Kunming Institute of Zoologythe Chinese Academy of SciencesKunmingChina
  2. 2.Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of SciencesBeijingChina

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