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Threatened fishes of the world: Acanthobrama hadiyahensis Coad, Alkahem and Behnke, 1983 (Cyprinidae)



Saudi Arabia Threatened Cyprinidae Acanthobrama 

Scientific name: Acanthobrama hadiyahensis (Coad et al. 1983). Common name: None. Conservation status: Known only from the original description. Identification: The only member of its genus in Saudi Arabia. Total gill rakers 17–19, mouth angle 40° or less with the horizontal, lateral line scales 54–58, branched dorsal fin rays 7, branched anal fin rays 14–17, pharyngeal tooth count 5-5 or 6-5, and total vertebrae 38-39. A dark mid-lateral band becomes diffuse anteriorly. Maximum length 76.3 mm standard length. Drawing by C. H. Douglas. Distribution: Wadi Hadiyah near Hadiyah (ca. 25°33’N, 38°44’E) and Ain Aljmyma northwest of Khaybar (ca. 25°42’N, 39°31’E), Saudi Arabia, 800 km from other members of the genus in the Levant and Tigris-Euphrates basin. Habitat and ecology: Occurred in both a lotic (wadi) and a spring (ain) habitat. Reproduction: Unknown. Threats: Not collected since 1977 and 1981 (Alkahem et al. 1990; EPAA 2003). Water extraction and pollution are general threats in desert areas. Conservation actions: None. Conservation recommendations: Surveys to determine presence and legislation to protect it and its habitats.


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