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Bill Ricker’s Entomological Contributions

  • Geoffrey G. E. ScudderEmail author


Bill Ricker was an internationally recognized expert on the stoneflies (Plecoptera). These insects have aquatic larvae that live mostly in cool and clear running water. They are of ecological significance in the breakdown of leaf-litter and the cycling of detritus in aquatic lotic habitats. Since they can account for a significant portion of the diet of some fishes in cold northern waters, they are linked with Ricker’s other work in fisheries. Within 1 year of taking up the study of stoneflies, Ricker was describing species new to science. He continued such activity through most of his life, describing or co-describing some 108 species and 46 genera. Ricker made other outstanding contributions, publishing in 1952 what is regarded as the most important publication dealing with stonefly systematics in the 20th century. Many names he coined in his studies clearly demonstrated his linguistic flair and humour. He made significant contributions to an understanding of the biogeography of stoneflies, and received many honours and citations for his research.


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