Acknowledgement of Reviewers for 2018


We would like to gratefully acknowledge all reviewers for their time and expertise so generously given to the peer review of manuscripts in Environmental and Resource Economics in 2018. We truly appreciate their continued support and commitment in helping us maintain and improve the quality of our journal.

Asbjørn Aaheim

Anna Lou Abatayo

Jens Abildtrup

Anand Abraham

V. L. Adamowicz

Zahra Adel Barkhordar

Nodir Adilov

Ermanno Affuso

Oscar Afonso

Noe Aguilar-Rivera

Michaël Aklin

Sonia Akter

H. J. Albers

Francisco Andre

Barbara Annicchiarico

Claire W. Armstrong

Paul Armsworth

Takao Asano

Frank Asche

G. B. Asheim

Cemal Atici

Misak Avetisyan

Gabriel Bachner

Tomas Badura

Kelvin Balcombe

Fridrik Baldursson

Simanti Banerjee

Onil Banerjee

Prasenjit Banerjee

Marco Barassi

Nicolo Barbieri

Lory Barile

Thomas Bassetti

Basak Bayramoglu

Allan Beltran-Hernandez

Hassan Benchekroun

Jeff Bennett

Wim Bernasco

Maria Berrittella

Kevin Berry

Luisito Bertinelli

Richard C. Bishop

Esther Blanco

Christian Bogmans

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