35 years later, the Grenadian Revolution

Winston Bernard Coard’s, Forward Ever: Journey To A New Grenada. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. September 26, 2018. 404 pages. $19.50. ISBN-10: 172724852X. ISBN-13: 978-1727248524
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Bernard Coard—nicknamed “Glasses” by some of his party members because of the way light reflected from his spectacles—is internationally known as the Deputy Prime Minister of the People’s Revolutionary Government. Coard spent 26 years in prison, the first few on death row, for the alleged execution of Grenada’s second Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. A former teacher, Coard was released in 2009 with the last batch of the infamous “Grenada 17.” Forward Ever: Journey To A New Grenada is the second volume in his planned five-part memoir. Part memoir and part historical account of probably the most successful revolt in the Anglophone Caribbean since the Christmas Rebellion in Jamaica in 1831–32; volume II captures the makings of the revolution in its intimate and embryonic stages and seeks to remind the reader of the very real and continuing gains that came out of that moment when young men and women decided “enough is enough.”

On March 13, 2019, Grenadians will celebrate the 40th...



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