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Response to commentaries

  • Bryan D. PalmerEmail author

Let me begin by thanking Dialectical Anthropology and its editors, Winnie Lem and Anthony Marcus, for inviting me to contribute to the journal’s “Workers of the World” forum and for gathering together such an impressive array of respondents. Reactions to my “Approaching working-class history as struggle: a Canadian contemplation; a Marxist meditation” were both magnanimous and substantive. I am grateful for the fair-minded nature of the discussion, and pleased that my thoughts generated such wide-ranging commentary.

I found especially enlightening those critical elucidations that used my reflections as a springboard into spheres to which I alluded all too briefly or was unable to address with any sophistication. In this regard, Charles R. Menzies’s outline of indigeneity, class inequalities, and the contemporary political terrain is critically important. Canadian discussion of ostensible reconciliation of a seemingly classless white settler society and equally undifferentiated First...


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