On KM-arcs in non-Desarguesian projective planes

  • Peter VandendriesscheEmail author


In this paper we investigate KM-arcs in non-Desarguesian projective planes. We provide a construction of a KM-arc in every Hall plane of even order, and we classify all KM-arcs in the known projective planes of order 16. In particular, we find several examples of KM-arcs with non-concurrent t-secants, showing that the famous result on their concurrency does not holds in non-Desarguesian planes.


Non-Desarguesian projective plane KM-arcs \((q+t, t)\)-arcs of type \((0, 2, t)\) 

Mathematics Subject Classification

51E20 51E21 



The author would like to thank Aart Blokhuis and Francesco Pavese for their suggestion to look at substructures in the Hall plane specifically.


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