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Non-existence of partial difference sets in Abelian groups of order \(8p^3\)

  • Stefaan De Winter
  • Zeying WangEmail author
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  1. Special Issue: Finite Geometries


In this paper we prove non-existence of nontrivial partial difference sets in Abelian groups of order \(8p^3\), where \(p\ge 3\) is a prime number. These groups seemed to have the potential of admitting at least two infinite families of PDSs, and even the smallest case, \(p=3\), had been open for twenty years until settled recently by the authors and E. Neubert. Here, using the integrality and divisibility conditions for PDSs, we first describe all hypothetical parameter sets of nontrivial partial difference sets in these groups. Then we prove the non-existence of a PDS for each of these hypothetical parameter sets by combining a recent local multiplier result with some geometry and elementary number theory.


Partial difference set Strongly regular Cayley graph Local multiplier theorem 

Mathematics Subject Classification

05C50 05E30 05B10 



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  1. 1.Michigan Technological UniversityHoughtonUSA

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