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Complete mappings and Carlitz rank



The well-known Chowla and Zassenhaus conjecture, proven by Cohen in 1990, states that for any \(d\ge 2\) and any prime \(p>(d^2-3d+4)^2\) there is no complete mapping polynomial in \(\mathbb {F}_p[x]\) of degree d. For arbitrary finite fields \(\mathbb {F}_q\), we give a similar result in terms of the Carlitz rank of a permutation polynomial rather than its degree. We prove that if \(n<\lfloor q/2\rfloor \), then there is no complete mapping in \(\mathbb {F}_q[x]\) of Carlitz rank n of small linearity. We also determine how far permutation polynomials f of Carlitz rank \(n<\lfloor q/2\rfloor \) are from being complete, by studying value sets of \(f+x.\) We provide examples of complete mappings if \(n=\lfloor q/2\rfloor \), which shows that the above bound cannot be improved in general.


Permutation polynomials Complete mappings Carlitz rank Value sets of polynomials 

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L.I. and A.T. were supported by TUBITAK Project Number 114F432. A.W. is partially supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF Project F5511-N26 which is part of the Special Research Program “Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods: Theory and Applications”.


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  1. 1.Sabancı University, MDBFTuzlaTurkey
  2. 2.Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied MathematicsAustrian Academy of SciencesLinzAustria

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