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Biliary Complications Following Liver Transplantation

  • Walid S. AyoubEmail author
  • Carlos O. Esquivel
  • Paul Martin


The aphorism that reconstruction of the biliary anastomosis is the “Achilles heel” of liver transplantation remains valid as biliary complications following liver transplantation remain a major source of morbidity with an incidence of 5–32%. Biliary complications include biliary strictures, biliary leaks, and stones. Biliary strictures can be divided into anastomotic and non-anastomotic. The management of biliary complications previously relied on surgical intervention. However, advances in endoscopic and radiological interventions have resulted in less-invasive options. The management of biliary complications post-liver transplantation requires a multidisciplinary approach and continues to evolve. Biliary complications also reflect the continued expansion of the donor pool with extended, live, and non-heart beating donors.


Anastomotic strictures Non-anastomotic strictures Liver transplantation Biliary complications Bilomas Stones 


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  • Carlos O. Esquivel
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  • Paul Martin
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  3. 3.Division of HepatologyUniversity of Miami Miller School of MedicineMiamiUSA

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