Liver Abscesses, Pylephlebitis, and Appendicitis in an Adolescent Male

  • Anup J. PatelEmail author
  • Phat V. Ong
  • John P. Higgins
  • John A. Kerner
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Case Presentation and Evolution

A 14-year-old Tongan male presented with a two-day history of tactile fevers and night sweats. He had a three-day history of dull right upper quadrant (RUQ) abdominal pain that extended to his upper back. The pain was intermittent in nature, characterized as five on a ten-point scale, occurred at least three times per day, was worse when laying on the right side, and slightly worse with eating, but not restrictive of dietary intake. The patient had no nausea or emesis or other symptoms. He had not consumed any uncooked or undercooked foods, nor had recent travel or camping. He had no prior hospitalizations, chronic medical problems or surgeries. His physical exam was only remarkable for localized and exquisite tenderness to palpation of his RUQ with no flank tenderness. The liver span was difficult to assess due to his pain, and he had no splenomegaly. There was no rebound or guarding.

Laboratory tests revealed a white blood cell count of 10.2/mm3,...


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