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DeStager: feature guided in-situ data management in distributed deep memory hierarchies

  • Xuechen ZhangEmail author
  • Fang Zheng
  • Bao Nguyen
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  1. Special Issue on Scientific and Statistical Data Management


In-situ analytics have been increasingly adopted by leadership scientific applications to gain fast insights into massive output data of simulations. With the current practice, systems buffer the output data in DRAM for analytics processing, constraining it to DRAM capacity un-used by the simulation. The rapid growth of data size requires alternative approaches to accommodating data-rich analytics, such as using solid-state disks to increase effective memory capacity. For this purpose, this paper explores software solutions for exploring the deep memory hierarchies expected on future high-end machines. Leveraging the fact that many analytics are sensitive to data features (regions-of-interest) hidden in the data being processed, the approach incorporates the knowledge of the data features into in-situ data management. It uses adaptive index creation/refinement to reduce the overhead of index management. In addition, it uses data features to predict data skew and improve load balance through controlling data distribution and placement on distributed staging servers. The experimental results show that such feature-guided optimizations achieve substantial improvements over state-of-the-art approaches for managing output data in-situ.


Indexing R-tree Octree In-situ Analytics SSDs 



This research was supported in part by NSF ACI-1565338 and WSU Vancouver Research Grant.


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