Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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Data mining and knowledge discovery 1996 to 2005: overcoming the hype and moving from “university” to “business” and “analytics”

  • Gregory Piatetsky-ShapiroEmail author
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I survey the transformation of the data mining and knowledge discovery field over the last 10 years from the unique vantage point of KDnuggets as a leading chronicler of the field. Analysis of the most frequent words in KDnuggets News leads to revealing observations.


Hype curve Business analytics KDnuggets Data mining jobs 


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  2. KDnuggets News 99:n24, item2, E.Piphany to Buy RightPoint for $ 393 Mln, Scholar
  3. KDnuggets News 2000:n01, item1, Vignette buys DataSage for $ 555 million, Scholar
  4. KDnuggets News 2000:n07, Exchange application acquires knowledge stream partners, Scholar

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