Design Automation for Embedded Systems

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LusSy: An open tool for the analysis of systems-on-a-chip at the transaction level

  • Matthieu MoyEmail author
  • Florence Maraninchi
  • Laurent Maillet-Contoz
Open Access


We describe a toolbox for the analysis of Systems-on-a-chip written in SystemC at the transaction level. The tool is able to extract information from SystemC code, and to build a set of parallel automata that capture the semantics of a SystemC design, including the transaction-level specific constructs. As far as we know, this provides the first executable formal semantics of SystemC. Being implemented as a traditional compiler front-end, it is able to deal with general SystemC designs. The intermediate representation is now connected to existing formal verification tools via appropriate encodings. The toolbox is open and other tools will be used in the future.


SystemC Formal verification Model-checking Semantics Pinapa Lussy 


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  • Matthieu Moy
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    Email author
  • Florence Maraninchi
    • 1
  • Laurent Maillet-Contoz
    • 2
  1. 1.Verimag, Centre équation - 2GIÉRESFrance
  2. 2.STMicroelectronics, HPC, System Platform Group.CROLLESFrance

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