Pat Carlen and Leandro Ayres França (eds): Alternative Criminologies

Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon, UK, 2017, 492 pp, ISBN: 9781138067431 (PB), 9781138067424 (HB), 9781315158662 (eBook)
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Some of the Dionysian tribes described by Ruth Benedict (1934) in Patterns of Culture celebrated heroism only when warriors managed to win a battle in which they deliberately put themselves in a disadvantaged position: for example, if they fought with one arm only, having tied the other behind their backs. Helped by peyote, the combatants, in fact, fought against their own limits, pursuing a psychic state that would lead to a deep religious experience. I do not know many criminologists who use peyote or mescal, nor have I met colleagues whose career is guided by numinous intent. In this pungent collection of essays edited by Pat Carlen and Leandro Ayres França, criminologists seem to belong to a similar Dionysian tribe, inhabiting a pueblo under siege and impelled to defend themselves from the onslaught of overwhelming enemies.

Alternative Criminologiescelebrates an array of diverse perspectives, focusing on cutting-edge topics while showing how creativity and sensitivity to...



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