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Abrahms, M. (2018). Rules for rebels: The science of victory in militant history. Oxford University Press

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Book Review

Rules for Rebels: The Science of Victory in Militant History, written by the Dr. Max Abrahms, who specializes in terrorism and international security, educates the readers about the causes, processes, and consequences of militant attacks. Abrahms proposes three rules that he believes are essential for a successful militant attack, which offer the most intriguing aspects of these types of events. The book offers, according to Abrahms, an original set of actions that allow militant leaders to reach their demands whether political or social. The work establishes a set of actions by incorporating narration, research, theories, and analysis.

The revolutionary ideas presented by Abrahms enhance the field of international relations and security. The material expands the analysis and research related to leaders of militant groups and adds context and content for the limited academic coverage of this topic. He evaluates the intelligence of militant leaders by assessing their success in...


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