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The party discipline inspection in China: Its evolving trajectory and embedded dilemmas

  • Ting GongEmail author

A key feature of Leninist vanguard party, the discipline inspection (jilu jiancha) system in China has evolved to become a core and indispensable part of the apparatus of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The institutions engaging in discipline inspection (i.e., discipline inspection commissions; hereafter DICs) possess the power of policy making and political supervision and are getting increasingly important in the party’s life-or-death struggle against corruption today. Yet, discipline inspection remains arguably the least understood element of the Chinese political system. In Western scholarship, no systematic study has been devoted to the CCP’s discipline inspection system in recent years, and little is known on its latest development.1

This article deals with the institutional design and policy capacity of the CCP’s discipline inspection. It identifies and analyzes the origins, dynamics, and outcomes of discipline inspection carried out by the DICs to see how institutions may...


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