Cognitive Therapy and Research

, Volume 30, Issue 4, pp 445–456

Offense-Taking: Development and Validation of a Trait Self-Report Measure

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Offense-taking is defined as the perceived deprivation of what is rightfully due to a person. Using this definition, a trait self-report measure of the proneness to take offense was developed and validated. The 16-item Offense-Taking Scale (OTS) yielded Cronbach α of .86 and .87, and a test–retest correlation over a 4-week interval of .76. Factor analyses revealed the two components of sensitivity (degree of reactivity to information as being offensive) and severity (degree of disruption related to taking offense). Support for convergent validity emerged from the predicted positive OTS correlations with hostility and arousability, and negative correlations with forgiveness, hope, concerns about making positive impressions, and life satisfaction. Potential OTS applications are discussed.


Appraisal Self-report scale Offense-taking Scale development Anger Cognitions 

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