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Book Review The Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Data Infrastructures & Their Consequences

Rob Kitchin, Sage, London, 222 pp. ISBN-13 978–1446287484
  • Drew PaineEmail author

Rob Kitchin’s The Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Data Infrastructures and Their Consequencesis a timely volume that knits together research and perspectives on the twenty-first century data deluge from multiple scholarly communities connected to CSCW. The book’s aim is threefold. First, to examine in detail and reflect upon the nature of data and the assemblages they are a part of. Second, to plot how data assemblages are “shifting and mutating with the development of new data infrastructures, open data and big data.” Third and finally, the volume offers an interrogation of the implications of these “new data assemblages with respect to how we make sense of and act in the world.” Scholars new and old in CSCW will benefit from Kitchin’s in-depth examination of the many facets of long-term and emerging research in data studies. Research in CSCW has long examined the sociotechnical work of infrastructuring through studies of scientific collaboration—e.g., cyberinfrastructure and...


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