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Editorial Notes

It is never too repetitive to remind our readers that the success of the Journal of Consumer Policy depends crucially on the advice provided by those who volunteer to review manuscripts. About a decade ago, the editors established the Outstanding Review Award. This Award recognizes a member of the editorial board who consistently provides high-quality reviews of manuscripts and through these reviews has contributed to increasing the clarity, precision, and contribution of the papers published in the Journal of Consumer Policy. The recipient of this Award receives a small financial reward but the primary purpose of the Award is to recognize an often-overlooked contribution scholars make to their disciplines—the time invested in the peer-review process.

The selection decision as to who should receive the Award is made at the Annual Editors Meeting and is based on reviews covering the previous three years. All reviewers who have provided four or more reviews over the course of this three-year period are eligible to be considered for the Award. As with the previous recipients of this award–Pauline Ippolito, Robert Meyer, Andreas Oehler, Iain Ramsay, and Wencke Gwozdz–the recipient of this year’s Award was selected unanimously by the editors of the journal. The editors are proud to announce that, in 2019, the award goes to J. Michael Collins who is the faculty director of the Center for Financial Security and holds the title of the Fetzer Family Chair in Consumer and Personal Finance in the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin. Prior to joining the University of Wisconsin, he studied at Cornell University where he received his PhD in Policy Analysis and Management. He studies consumer decision-making in the financial marketplace including the role of public policy in influencing credit, savings, and investment choices. His work includes the study of financial capability with a focus on low-income families and he has published many journal articles and has edited or co-authored books focused on these topics.

Professor J. Michael Collins’ reviews of articles have been especially helpful as he brings an interdisciplinary perspective, has skills in both qualitative and quantitative methods, and has worked as a consultant in the area of financial management. The nature of his expertise means that the Journal’s editors rely on him frequently as the journal receives many submissions relevant to his expertise. We are deeply grateful for his willingness to review so many papers and provide such insightful and helpful guidance to the editors and the authors.


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