Geoffrey Woodroffe (Born December 1934, Died July 2018)


We regret to report the passing of one of the former editors of the Journal of Consumer Policy, Geoffrey Woodroffe. Though not a founding editor, Geoffrey’s term of service covered well over a decade of the life of the journal, and his expertise in the development of consumer law helped establish the journal as a primary outlet for innovative research in this area. His service to the journal could not have come at a more opportune time as the journal began its transition from a new, relatively young journal into its now well established stature as a center for research on consumer protection and the role that legal entities and the law play in securing the consumer interest within free-market systems. Moreover, because of his outstanding reputation as a scholar and practitioner, especially in the United Kingdom (UK), his presence on the editorial team brought increased awareness of the Journal of Consumer Policy.

Professor Geoffrey Woodroffe was a graduate in classics and law from St...


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