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Characterization of Volatile Secondary Metabolites from Aerial Part of Mucuna sloanei

  • Abdulkabir Oladele OladimejiEmail author

The genus Mucuna (Fabaceae) consists of 100 different species that are climbing vines or lianas and shrubs. All the species bear pods, in similarity to other legumes [1]. Mucuna sloanei Fawc. & Rendle is an endemic plant found in tropical regions of Africa. It is cultivated occasionally in Nigeria using tall poles, as for climbing types of common bean. Also, the leaf sap is used to stop diarrhea, while the seed is used as diuretic in Gabon and tropical America. Fixed oil obtained from the seed is used in the preparation of liquid soap, paint, polish, and body cream [2]. Flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, phenols, and saponins have been reported from the phytochemical screening of the seed extract [3]. The seed also has high carbohydrate, protein, lipid, and phytic acid content [4].

The present study analyzes the chemical constituents of the volatile oil from the leaves and stems of M. sloanei, which were hitherto unavailable. Hydrodistillation of dried leaves and stem of M. sloanei...


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  1. 1.Natural Products Chemistry Laboratory, Industrial Chemistry Unit, Department of Chemical SciencesOndo State University of Science and TechnologyOkitipupaNigeria

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