Computational Geosciences

, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp 453–460 | Cite as

A volume-conserving representation of cell faces in corner point grids

  • Per RøeEmail author
  • Ragnar Hauge


Corner point grids is currently the standard grid representation for use in reservoir simulation. The cell faces in corner point grids are traditionally represented as bilinear surfaces where the edges between the corner points all are straight lines. This representation has the disadvantage that along faults with varying dip the cell faces on either side will not precisely match, giving overlapping cells or gaps between cells. We propose an alternative representation for the cell faces. The four vertical cell faces are still represented as bilinear surfaces, but instead of having linear edges between the cell corners along the top and bottom faces, we propose a representation of the vertical cell faces where any horizontal intersection will give a straight line, giving column faces whose shape is independent of the corner point locations of the individual grid cells. This ensures that the grid columns match up and that there are no gaps or overlapping volumes between grid cells. This representation gives a local parameterization for the whole grid column, and the top and bottom grid cell surfaces are modeled as bilinear using this parameterization. A set of local coordinates for the grid cell permits all the common grid operations like volume calculation, area calculation for cell faces, and blocking of well traces.


Corner point grid Volume calculations Well blocking Reservoir simulation grid 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)



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