Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 53, Issue 6–7, pp 630–637 | Cite as

Oxaazatetracyclo[, 10.05, 8]Dodecanes – a Promising Foundation for the Design of Thermally Stable, High-Density Energetic Compounds

  • Artyom E. Paromov
  • Sergey V. Sysolyatin

Methods for the preparation of various N-substituted oxaazaisowurtzitane derivatives have been generalized in this review. The advantages, drawbacks, and perspectives for the development of the main approaches to the synthesis of these compounds have been discussed. A comparison is provided for the physicochemical and explosive characteristics of energetic compounds containing the frameworks of oxaazaisowurtzitanes, CL-20, and HMX.


framework compounds heterocyclic compounds high-energy compounds condensation nitration 


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