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A fully homomorphic–elliptic curve cryptography based encryption algorithm for ensuring the privacy preservation of the cloud data

  • G. Prabu KannaEmail author
  • V. Vasudevan


Enabling a security and privacy preservation for the cloud data is one of the demanding and crucial tasks in recent days. Because, the privacy of the sensitive data should be safeguard from the unauthorized access for improving its security. So, various key generation, encryption and decryption mechanisms are developed in the traditional works for privacy preservation in cloud. Still, it remains with the issues such as increased computational complexity, time consumption, and reduced security. Also, the traditional works use the symmetric key cryptography based. Thus, this paper aims to develop a new privacy preservation mechanism by implementing a fully homomorphic–elliptic curve cryptography (FH-ECC) algorithm. The data owner encrypts the original data by converting it into the cipher format with the use of ECC algorithm, and applies the FH operations on the encrypted data before storing it on the cloud. When the user gives the data request to the cloud, the Cloud Service Provider verifies the access control policy of the user for enabling the restricted access on the data. If the access policy is verified, the encrypted data is provided to the user, from that the cipher text is extracted. Then, the ECC decryption and FH operations are applied to generate the original text. Based on the several analysis, the research work is evaluated with the help of different performance measures such as execution time, encryption time, and decryption time. In addition the effectiveness of the novel FHE technique is justified by the comparative analysis made with the traditional techniques.


Security Privacy preservation Fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) Decryption Key generation Access policy verification 


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  1. 1.Department of Information TechnologyKalasalingam Academy of Research and EducationKrishnankoilIndia

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