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Efficient data integrity and data replication in cloud using stochastic diffusion method

  • M. RamananEmail author
  • P. Vivekanandan


Cloud computing will provide scalable computing as well as storage resources where more data intensive applications will be developed in a computing environment. Owing to the existence of such security threats in the cloud, several mechanisms are being proposed for allowing the users to audit the integrity of data along with the public key of the owner of the data even before making use of the cloud data. Replicating of data in cloud servers through multiple data centers offers better availability, scalability, and durability. The correctness of choice of the right type of public key of the previous mechanisms is based on the security of the public key infrastructure (PKI). Although traditional PKI has been widely used in the construction of public key cryptography, it still faces many security risks, especially in the aspect of managing certificates. There are different applications having different types of quality of service (QoS) needs. In order to support the QoS requirement continuously, the application of such data corruption for this work will be an efficient integrity of data replication that makes use of a stochastic diffusion search (SDS) algorithm that has been proposed. This SDS is that technique of a multi-agent global optimisation which has been based on the behaviour of ants that has been rooted in the partial evaluation of that of an objective function along with direct communication among agents. The proposed SDS algorithm will minimize the replication cost of data. The results of these experiments have shown that the mechanism will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of this proposed algorithm which is in the replication of data as well as its recovery. The proposed method when appropriately compared with the cost effective replication of dynamic data given by Li et al. proves that the average recovery time is less by 18.18% for the 250 number of requested nodes, by 14.28% for the 500 number of requested nodes, by 11.11% for the 750 number of requested nodes and by 8.69% for the 1000 number of requested nodes.


Cloud computing Cloud services Data storage Data integrity Data replication and stochastic diffusion search (SDS) 


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