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, Volume 22, Supplement 6, pp 14253–14267 | Cite as

Novel algorithm for generating basis convex hexagonal polygons and polyhedrons

  • Mohd. Sherfuddin KhanEmail author
  • E. G. Rajan
  • Vijay H. Mankar


Geometric Filters (G-Filters) are efficient shape filters than morphological filters. In this paper, the Algorithms for constructing basis hexagonal polygons and polyhedrons are developed. The development process involves 2 Algorithms. The 1st Algorithm describes process of constructing 18 convex polygons and 324 convex polyhedrons. The 2nd one describes way of constructing the 5 Basis convex hexagonal polygons and 25 basis convex polyhedrons. This polygons and polyhedrons are used as masks for processing 2D or 3D hexagonal images captured with hexagonal camera or hexagonalized images which are captured by using rectangular camera. Instead of using this 18 polygons and 324 polyhedrons one can use this 5 basis polygons and 25 basis polyhedrons for processing.


Geometric filters Convex polygons Polyhedrons 3D hexagonal lattice 



The Authors are thankful to G. Chitra MD of Pentagram Research Center Pvt Ltd Hyderabad for allowing to do research and providing the infrastructure, technical and programming team and a heartful thanks to my prof Dr. E. G Rajan sir for his continues guidance and support.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Research CenterG.H Raisoni College of EngineeringNagpurIndia
  2. 2.Pentagram Research CentreHyderabadIndia
  3. 3.Government PolytechnicAhmednagarIndia

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