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Design and evaluate intelligent control safety systems on the TOMI robot

  • Chunhua ZhaoEmail author
  • Simon Blackmore
  • Michael Warbrick
  • Sam Wane


Aimed to design safety systems and evaluate the behaviours about Robot grass cutting named TOMI, the false tree analysis, failure mode effects tree analysis methods were used for review and analysis about the TOMI robot, it would be liability and legislation; TOMI robot management embedded guidelines and knowledge such as Agricultural Engineering, Design and manufacture of agricultural machinery, Mechanic Theory, Mathematics, Electronics, Grass science, Computer science and several software programs; Procedure and Reliability analysis for robots TOMI safety systems are key features,the safety systems of Agricultural Robot such as TOMI should be checked in various working circumstance; With the full consideration of engineering practicability, the solutions to the safety problems of the TOMI robot are promoted, Technology Route and models about TOMI’s safety system were built, Process Management, continual improvement tools and Techniques and effects analysis were built in the new safety systems of TOMI robot. TOMI function measurements such as braking, throttle and pedal force were tested and analysed. TOMI’s Mechanical system, Hydraulics and Electrical Systems were tested for checking safety and evaluated, some sensors and laser such as Distance sensors, SICK, GPS, Dead man handle, safety red button and bumpers were built up and developed the TOMI robot’s new safety systems; To ensure the safety and reliable operation is a system engineering, it is involved to various TOMI robot design, production, operation, adjust, and management; to improve the TOMI robot reliability and reduce the failure frequency was an important way to improve the robot inherent safety; The Evaluation Criteria of Robot grass Cutting DFMEA occurrence may be suggested to use multiple complex technology knowledge and design with more experience. Application built with Microsoft Robot Development studio was run over on the The hazard and risk analysis were detailed about the safety problems of TOMI robot and deeply studied. Development more practical and safety TOMI robot would be carried out at northwest China in the future.


TOMI robot grass cutting Intelligent control safety systems Design and evaluate 



The author would like to thanks for supervisor professor Simon Blackmore and all of the staffs in Engineering College at Harper Adams University; the research has been carried out at national precision Agriculture Engineering innovative Centre in UK. It was gratefully appreciated the research and acknowledge financial supporting from the CHINA SCHOLARSHIP COUNCIL (CAC), The paper would be funded by Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest (201203024) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (51565002); Research and Development of the main Project in Gansu (17YFINA061) and The First Fuxi outstanding talent candidates project in Gansu Agricultural University.


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  1. 1.Gansu Agricultural UniversityLanzhouChina
  2. 2.Harper Adams UniversityNewportUK

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