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Design a management information system for financial risk control



This paper presents an evaluation of the financial system risk quantitatively and a management information system designed to improve financial risk management. Based on the recognition of risk sources for all kinds of financial institutions and financial markets, we use a matrix covering financial risk probability and related damage to assess local risks and carry out risk classification, and use self-organizing mapping neural network model to evaluate the overall risks. Also, by means of radio frequency identification technology and big data analytics platform—Hadoop platform, a management information system is built which could perform three core functions: real-time monitor , analysis and evaluation, and automatic control, which would help regulators to realize the whole process and comprehensive intelligent management for financial risk sources.


Financial system Risk source Management information system 



The authors acknowledge the National Social Science Foundation of China (Grant: 16FJL011) and China University of political Science and Law (Grant: 14ZFG79002).


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