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Knowledge retrieval of historic concepts using semantic web

  • Salma NoorEmail author
  • Sehrish Jamil
  • Neelam Gohar
  • Lubna Shah


This paper presents a comprehensive survey on knowledge retrieval of historical concepts using semantic web technologies. The scope of this discussion encompasses research material in the field of computing and humanities including but not limited to Cultural Heritage, Museum and Digital Library research. Semantic web techniques used to describe, store, search, query and retrieve historic concepts such as RDF, RDFs, OWL, and Ontologies are discussed along with other extensively researched methods from domains like Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. The discussion elaborates on Ontological-enabled information retrieval and the concept of new knowledge discovery. This work presents a comprehensive set of problems identified in the field of information retrieval and their solutions through the semantic web along with an insight in the future directions and the open-ended questions in the domain of retrieval of historic concept.


Information retrieval Knowledge retrieval Historical concepts Semantic web Cultural heritage Museum Manuscripts Ontology-based knowledge retrieval Digital library 


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