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Multi-biometric authentication system using finger vein and iris in cloud computing

  • S. IlankumaranEmail author
  • C. Deisy


Multi biometric system can be used in cloud computing to achieve higher data security. Biometric authentication refers to automated methods used to identify a person by the features such as face, iris, vein, finger print, palm print etc. In this paper we proposed a novel \(C^{2}\) code derived using orientation and magnitude information extracted from finger vein and iris images to improve the authenticating system. The \(C^{2}\) code eliminates feature selection operator reducing the process complexity as it combines the orientation and magnitude information from finger vein and iris image inputs. This methodology can be implemented in a cloud computing environment based biometric authentication system due to its reduced data handling complexity. This reduced data makes the cloud database more secured and authentication possible anytime anywhere using the cloud environment. This \(C^{2}\) code can produce genuine accept rate more than 98.9 %, while false acceptance rate is about 1 \(\times \) 10\(^{-5}\) % and equal error rate is 0.4 %.


Finger vein Iris Gabor filter Authentication C\(^{2}\)code, Cloud computing 


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  1. 1.Department of Information TechnologyK.L.N. College of EngineeringSivagangaiIndia
  2. 2.Department of Information TechnologyThiagarajar College of EngineeringMaduraiIndia

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