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Security analysis of prealigned fingerprint template using fuzzy vault scheme

  • D. Chitra
  • V. SujithaEmail author


Biometric systems accumulate information from biometric elements of an individual and used to exceptionally confirm the person with the physical and behavioral properties of the biometric characteristic. Biometrics and cryptography systems have been identified as the two main components of digital security system. Cryptography is combined with biometric to achieve high security. In this paper, fingerprint template protection is proposed which is based on fuzzy vault scheme. Initially, enrolled fingerprint images are preprocessed using some image processing techniques and preprocessed images are prealigned automatically using directed reference point. All the minutiae points are extracted and extracted minutiae features along with secret key are used to produce the fuzzy vault. Query features are given as an input with the stored template to recover the corresponding key. The proposed method is validated on FVC 2002 database. Simulation results prove that the proposed method can achieve high genuine acceptance rate with improved security.


Biometrics Bio cryptosystems Brute force attack Correlation attack Fingerprint Fuzzy vault 


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