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Fuzzy hierarchical ant colony optimization routing for weighted cluster in MANET

  • J. Mani KandanEmail author
  • A. Sabari


Wireless mobile network likely will be a set of self-directed systems. In which they are not only based on the unfixed infrastructure-less wireless network. This paper gives a major scope for routing ad-hoc network using fuzzy hierarchical ant colony optimization routing by maintaining the sustainability of the cluster head inside a cluster is very difficult in the adhoc network. The selected cluster head among the nodes is based on the quality of service parameter of the nodes. The weight assigned to the cluster head will determine how long the cluster head will hold. The fuzzy hierarchical ant colony optimization routing is used to select the optimized cluster head by way of in a cluster and the optimal cluster head will increase the routing. Ant colony optimization, Fuzzy Rules for Cluster Head Selection Process and Cluster’s Gateway are the three processes involved in the proposed FHACO protocol. The parameters taken for our proposed algorithm are the buffer size, energy consumption, routing overhead, packet delivery ratio and end to end delay throughput of wireless system. The system is implemented in network simulator-2 and it is assessed to gather weighted clustering technique. The experimental analysis shows that fuzzy hierarchical ant colony optimization produces a better result in maintaining the persistence of the cluster head.


MANET Clustering Cluster head ACO Fuzzy logic 


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  1. 1.Department of Information TechnologyK. S. Rangasamy College of TechnologyTiruchengodeIndia

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