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An overview of OpenStack architecture: a message queuing services node

  • Stanley LimaEmail author
  • Álvaro Rocha
  • Licinio Roque


This article provides an overview of the different nodes that accommodate the architecture of the OpenStack project. Throughout this article, we use a statistical approach to show how OpenStack is currently being developed under the control of the OpenStack Foundation and how this new platform is influencing the global market for cloud computing. We also discuss community participation in this project and present an overview of how these different components achieve independence from each other, while using asynchronous queues to send messages among themselves in order to reliably maintain communication. As a result, we have achieved a systematic review covering the period from the start of the OpenStack project until the present. This longitudinal study can be used to examine variations and changes in characteristics and different historical versions of the OpenStack project (Kilo, Juno, Icehouse etc.) throughout the years.


OpenStack OpenStack statistics Open-source software Cloud computing infrastructure Scheduling cloud resources 



This work was supported by research grants from the Ciências sem Fronteiras (CsF) and Agência Espacial Brasileira (AEB) programmes. We also appreciate the financial support from the Iberian Association for Information Systems and Technologies (AISTI).


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  2. 2.Department of Informatics EngineeringUniversity of CoimbraCoimbraPortugal

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