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A Two-level distributed architecture for the support of content adaptation and delivery services

  • Claudia Canali
  • Michele ColajanniEmail author
  • Riccardo Lancellotti


The growing demand for Web and multimedia content accessed through heterogeneous devices requires the providers to tailor resources to the device capabilities on-the-fly. Providing services for content adaptation and delivery opens two novel challenges to the present and future content provider architectures: content adaptation services are computationally expensive; the global storage requirements increase because multiple versions of the same resource may be generated for different client devices. We propose a novel two-level distributed architecture for the support of efficient content adaptation and delivery services. The nodes of the architecture are organized in two levels: thin edge nodes on the first level act as simple request gateways towards the nodes of the second level; fat interior clusters perform all the other tasks, such as content adaptation, caching and fetching. Several experimental results show that the Two-level architecture achieves better performance and scalability than that of existing flat or no cooperative architectures.


Content adaptation Multimedia resources Distributed architectures Performance evaluation 


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  • Claudia Canali
    • 1
  • Michele Colajanni
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    Email author
  • Riccardo Lancellotti
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  1. 1.Department of Information EngineeringUniversity of Modena and Reggio EmiliaModena and Reggio EmiliaItaly

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