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Combining data sharing with the master–worker paradigm in the common component architecture

  • Gabriel Antoniu
  • Hinde Lilia Bouziane
  • Mathieu Jan
  • Christian PérezEmail author
  • Thierry Priol


Software component technologies are being accepted as an adequate solution for handling the complexity of applications. However, existing software component models tend to be specialized to some types of resource architectures (e.g. in-process, distributed environments, etc.) and/or do not provide a very high level of abstraction. This paper focuses on handling data sharing on operation invocations between components as a solution allowing applications to be efficiently executed on all kinds of resources. In particular, the data sharing pattern appears in master–worker applications, when workers need to access only a part of a large piece of data, either in read or write mode. This approach is applied to the Common Component Architecture model. Its benefits are discussed using an image rendering application.


Software components Data sharing Master–worker paradigm Grid computing Common component architecture 


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  • Gabriel Antoniu
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  • Hinde Lilia Bouziane
    • 1
  • Mathieu Jan
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  • Christian Pérez
    • 1
    Email author
  • Thierry Priol
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