Czechoslovak Journal of Physics

, Volume 56, Issue 10–11, pp 1123–1130 | Cite as

From nonassociativity to solutions of the KP hierarchy

  • Aristophanes Dimakis
  • Folkert Müller-Hoissen


A recently observed relation between ‘weakly nonassociative’ algebras\(\mathbb{A}\) (for which the associator (\(\mathbb{A},\mathbb{A}^2 ,\mathbb{A}\)) vanishes) and the KP hierarchy (with dependent variable in the middle nucleus\(\mathbb{A}\)′ of {\(\mathbb{A}\)) is recalled. For any such algebra there is a nonassociative hierarchy of ODEs, the solutions of which determine solutions of the KP hierarchy. In a special case, and with matrix algebra\(\mathbb{A}\)′, this becomes a matrix Riccati hierarchy which is easily solved. The matrix solution then leads to solutions of the scalar KP hierarchy. We discuss some classes of solutions obtained in this way.


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Key words

integrable hierarchy KP nonassociativity Riccati equation soliton 


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Copyright information

© Springer 2006

Authors and Affiliations

  • Aristophanes Dimakis
    • 1
  • Folkert Müller-Hoissen
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Financial and Management EngineeringUniversity of the AegeanChiosGreece
  2. 2.Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Self-OrganizationGöttingenGermany

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