Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology

, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp 199–218

Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells Derived from the Embryonic Dorsal Telencephalon of D6/GFP Mice Differentiate Primarily into Neurons After Transplantation into a Cortical Lesion

  • Iva Prajerova
  • Pavel Honsa
  • Alexandr Chvatal
  • Miroslava Anderova
Original Research


D6 is a promoter/enhancer of the mDach1 gene that is involved in the development of the neocortex and hippocampus. It is expressed by proliferating neural stem/progenitor cells (NSPCs) of the cortex at early stages of neurogenesis. The differentiation potential of NSPCs isolated from embryonic day 12 mouse embryos, in which the expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP) is driven by the D6 promoter/enhancer, has been studied in vitro and after transplantation into the intact adult rat brain as well as into the site of a photochemical lesion. The electrophysiological properties of D6/GFP-derived cells were studied using the whole-cell patch-clamp technique, and immunohistochemical analyses were carried out. D6/GFP-derived neurospheres expressed markers of radial glia and gave rise predominantly to immature neurons and GFAP-positive cells during in vitro differentiation. One week after transplantation into the intact brain or into the site of a photochemical lesion, transplanted cells expressed only neuronal markers. D6/GFP-derived neurons were characterised by the expression of tetrodotoxin-sensitive Na+-currents and KA- and KDR currents sensitive to 4-aminopyridine. They were able to fire repetitive action potentials and responded to the application of GABA. Our results indicate that after transplantation into the site of a photochemical lesion, D6/GFP-derived NSPCs survive and differentiate into neurons, and their membrane properties are comparable to those transplanted into the non-injured cortex. Therefore, region-specific D6/GFP-derived NSPCs represent a promising tool for studying neurogenesis and cell replacement in a damaged cellular environment.


Ischemia Ion channels Patch-clamp Injury and repair 

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  • Pavel Honsa
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  • Alexandr Chvatal
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  1. 1.Laboratory of Neurobiology, Department of Cellular NeurophysiologyInstitute of Experimental Medicine ASCR v.v.i.Prague 4Czech Republic
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  3. 3.Second Medical Faculty, Center for Cell Therapy and Tissue RepairCharles UniversityPrague 5Czech Republic

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