Characterization of a new natural cellulose based fiber from Hierochloe Odarata

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The study was undertaken to investigate the usability of Hierochloe Odarata fibers as a novel reinforcement for polymeric composites. The fibers were extracted from Hierochloe Odarata plant, which is cultivated in Uzunalan, Çanakkale which is in the western part of Turkey. The cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin contents of Hierochloe Odarata fibers were obtained as 70.4, 21.5, and 8.1%, respectively. The oxygen/carbon ratio of 0.48 may indicate the hydrophilic surface structure of Hierochloe Odarata fibers. The crystallinity index of these Hierochloe Odarata fibers was determined as 63.8% according to the Segal formula. Hierochloe Odarata has 105.7 MPa maximum tensile strength, 2.56 GPa Young’s modulus and 2.4% maximum breaking elongation. The maximum degradation temperature and the char yield of the fibers were obtained as 352 °C and 12.5%, respectively. After physical and chemical properties were characterized in the study, it was concluded that Hierochloe Odarata fibers can be an alternative sustainable material for polymer-based composites as potential reinforcement.

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