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Abstracts for a conference on trace elements in diet, nutrition, and health: essentiality and toxicity


A Joint Conference Constituting the:

VIIIth Conference of the International Society for Trace Element Research in Humans (ISTERH)

IXth Conference of the Nordic Trace Element Society (NTES)

VIth Conference of the Hellenic Trace Element Society (HTES)

Hersonissos (Crete-Greece)

October 21–26, 2007

Creta Maris Conference Center

Members of planning committee:

Curtiss Hunt, Ph.D., Chair, Planning Committee; President, ISTERH

Sophie Ermidou-Pollet, Ph.D., President, HTES

Ole Andersen, Ph.D., Representative, NTES

Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, Ph.D., Chair, Local Organizing Committee; Member, ISTERH

Jeanne Freeland-Graves, Ph.D., Chair, Fundraising Committee; Council Member, ISTERH

Monica Nordberg, Ph.D., Chair, Abstract Committee; Vice President, ISTERH

Hiroko Kodama, Ph.D., Chair, Publicity Committee; Secretary, ISTERH

Serge Pollet, Ph.D., Member at Large; Vice President, HTES

George Brewer, M.D., Member at Large; Council Member, ISTERH

Harold Sandstead, M.D., Member at Large; Immediate Past...

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