Catalysis Letters

, Volume 149, Issue 10, pp 2823–2835 | Cite as

Influence of Support Acidity of Pt/Nb2O5 Catalysts on Selectivity of CO2 Hydrogenation

  • Si Bui Trung Tran
  • Hanseul Choi
  • Sunyoung Oh
  • Jeong Young ParkEmail author


In solid acid catalysis, understanding the impact of support acidity on catalytic performance has remained a controversial issue. The selected catalytic systems often rely on mixing different substances to control the degree of acidity, which in turn, also modifies other parameters in the system, making it challenging to perform a definitive study. To specifically investigate the role of support acidity, we performed a systematic study employing Nb2O5 as the catalyst support, which acidity can be controlled by calcination. The catalytic behavior of the fabricated Pt/Nb2O5 catalysts was evaluated using CO2 hydrogenation to methanol (MeOH) and dimethyl ether (DME). An increase in the acidity of the support resulted in an improvement in the CO2 conversion owing to the strong interaction between the Pt and the catalyst support, but it was detrimental for the production of MeOH because of the unfavorable adsorption of CO2 molecules and the formation of carbon-containing species on the surface of the support with high acidity. DME selectivity was enhanced with an increase in catalyst acidity, confirming the role of solid acids for the production of DME from CO2 reduction.

Graphical Abstract

By controlling the calcination temperature of Nb2O5, tunable support acidity was obtained. CO2 conversion increased while the selectivity of methanol and dimethyl ether decreased with increasing support acidity.


Pt-based catalyst Niobium oxide Support acidity effect CO2 hydrogenation Methanol synthesis Dimethyl ether synthesis 



This work was supported by the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) [IBS-R004].

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The authors report no conflict of interest.

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  • Si Bui Trung Tran
    • 1
  • Hanseul Choi
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  • Sunyoung Oh
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  • Jeong Young Park
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  1. 1.Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical ReactionsInstitute for Basic Science (IBS)DaejeonRepublic of Korea
  2. 2.Department of Chemistry and Graduate School of EEWSKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)DaejeonRepublic of Korea

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