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High-Valent Co(III)- and Ni(II)-Catalyzed C–H Activation



The past two decades have witnessed explosive growth in the field of catalytic C–H activation. While this reactivity is typically associated with second- and third-row transition metals, first-row transition metals are also capable of catalyzing these reactions. C–H activation reactions can be further divided into ones where the C–H activation occurs with a low-valent metal and those where the activation occurs with a high-valent metal. This review will summarize advances in the area of high-valent Co(III)- and Ni(II)-catalyzed C–H activation with particular emphasis paid to how these catalysts compare their second- and third-row congeners.

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Catalysis C–H bond activation C–C coupling Homogeneous catalysis 



I thank Derek M. Dalton, Erin E. Stache, Kerem E. Ozboya, Kyle E. Ruhl, and John A. McIntosh for helpful comments on the manuscript.


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