Catalysis Letters

, Volume 130, Issue 1–2, pp 9–18 | Cite as

Catalytic Deoxygenation of Methyl-Octanoate and Methyl-Stearate on Pt/Al2O3

  • Phuong T. Do
  • Martina Chiappero
  • Lance L. Lobban
  • Daniel E. Resasco


The deoxygenation of methyl octanoate and methyl stearate over alumina-supported Pt was studied in both the vapor phase in a flow reactor and in the liquid phase in a semibatch reactor. The conversion of both methyl esters resulted in hydrocarbons with one carbon less than the fatty acid of the corresponding ester as the dominant products. In the vapor phase, acid and other oxygenates were observed in low concentrations, but they were not detected when the reaction was conducted in the liquid phase. Under He, condensation products (from esterification and ketonization) were observed. By contrast, under H2, mostly paraffins were obtained. These results show promise to directly produce standard diesel components from biodiesel.


Biofuels Deoxygenation Methyl-octanoate Methyl-stearate Pt/Al2O3 catalyst 



This work has been funded by the Secretary of Energy of the State of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Bioenergy Center. The XPS spectra were obtained by Dr. Min Shen.


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  1. 1.School of Chemical, Biological, and Materials EngineeringUniversity of OklahomaOklahoma CityUSA

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