Catalysis Letters

, Volume 122, Issue 1–2, pp 196–203

On the Catalytic Activity of Cobalt Oxide for the Steam Reforming of Ethanol



The paper presents an investigation on the catalytic activity for the ethanol steam reforming of Co3O4 oxidized, reduced and supported on MgO, and of CoO in MgO solid solution. Only samples containing metallic cobalt are found to be active for reforming reaction. H2-TPR characterization of aged samples shows that reaction mixture oxidizes a small fraction of metallic cobalt to Co+2. A distinct role of Co+2 and Co0 in the reaction is enlightened.


Ethanol steam reforming Hydrogen Cobalt oxide Supported cobalt catalyst 

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  1. 1.Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica e Industriale and Centro Interdipartimentale per la Didattica della ChimicaUniversità di Roma TreRomeItaly

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