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Effect of x-rays and gamma radiations on the bone mechanical properties: literature review

  • Noor Rahman
  • Rafiullah Khan
  • Saeed Badshah
Mini Review


The bone auto grafting, isografting, allografting and xenografting are used for defective bone replacement or treatment in almost all living species. The X-ray and Gamma (electromagnetic radiation) sterilization performed on the donor bone graft to prevent toxicity or migration of virus/bacterial infections from donors to reciver. Conversely, X-ray and Gamma radiation deteriorates the bone mechanical properties and bone become more susceptible to fracture. Fracture toughness as well as other mechanical properties of bone change with these radiations. In this literature review the effect of the X-rays and Gamma radiation on bone mechanical properties are discussed. All relevant literature was reviewed. After reviewing the literature only the research relating to the effect of X-rays and Gamma radiations on bone mechanical properties are included. Literature studies showed significant effect of the X-rays and Gamma radiations on the mechanical properties of the bones. In some studies the differences exists on the doses of radiations which were discussed in this study. The high energetic electromagnetic radiation (X-rays and Gamma radiations) changed/modify the collagen network of the bone, which reduced the mechanical properties of bone; however these changes depend on the radiation dose.


Bone X-ray radiations Mechanical properties Collagen Fracture toughness Elastic modulus 


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Conflict of interest

None of the author has any financial or non-financial competing interests in this review paper. There is no source of funding for this research. This is a review paper so there is no practical experimentation of human and bovine bones in this research.


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